Cry About It

by NarK

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released December 5, 2014

Guitar and yells: Ben Mink
Drums and other guitar/yells: Lucas Kozinski
Bass: Rodrigo Gualberto

All songs written by NarK
Recorded by Lucas Kozinski and Ben Mink over the course of way too long
Mixed by Lucas Kozinski
Mastered by Bob Iacono
Mostly done at Sleepless Sound Studio



all rights reserved


NarK Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

just a couple o' dudes livin in philly who enjoy hangin, getting wasted, playin jamz, and getting wasted. we will play any show from your sons' 9th birthday party to your mother-in-law's monthly book club meetings.

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Track Name: Disheartening
Its a strange kind of nostalgia, thinking of all the things I never thought I would remember,
after the end I didn't know how to kill free time,I took the easy way out,
Remember laying on the floor for hours? I didn't give a fuck about anything else then,
How could we survive 90 miles but not the same apartment, How disheartening
I felt myself give in tonight, I felt myself give in tonight,
I let my body pay the price, I felt myself give in tonight

You strayed and I waited at corner bars to pass the time,
You strayed and I waited, thought maybe I could change your mind
How disheartening
Track Name: This Time Next Week
She never thought I would've came, I guess I doubted myself the same
We found a show and stayed out late
Though most nights escape my mind, I still remember the whole timeframe she was on TV

But I'm just one guy among a sea of assholes
Don't let me waste your time I'll just be here sippin my jack and coke
I won't justify or try and blame my mood
I'm just passing by, I'll be back east this time next week

But I went wrong in staying gone, I think I knew that all along
I've been replaced and don't belong
River brought a handle of rum. Took off to Venice when it was done
I miss those nights when we were dumb
Track Name: Fairmount
Grow my hair out way too long
I haven't shaved since my last song
Am I unmotivated or just wrong
With no control I've had my fun

Wake up before you fall asleep
This is the little time that's left

Let this stain sit and dry
I've come to grips but still subside
We're just gearing up for what we don't wanna come
I'm not that special one, there's no good left to come
Track Name: Resolution
My skin is being pierced by daggers that you've stared,
A pack of camel lights with words spoken sincere
I'm checking out, I'm throwing in the towel,
The white flag has been raised, Im bowing out

No resolutions for another year, Im the same as the last and the one before
With old habits that I couldn't kill, Old routines that stay ingrained like a bad memory

Too many long drives, phone calls, Im doing anything to just tear down these walls
Spot lights, last straws, I can't give explanations if its not my fault

No resolutions for another year, Im the same as the last and the one before
With old habits that I couldn't kill, Old routines that stay ingrained like a bad memory

Like a bad memory
Track Name: Signs
I've destroyed my liver, lungs, and brain,
poison is now coursing through my veins, Crossed over lines I can't erase
I'm far from where I was last year when I was laying next to you
fuck its been six months and I'm still a wreck, and Im possessed by the ghost that you left of me
I tried to force things that shouldn't be,
and I hope that you enjoy the piece of me that was left down south with you
I can't fake it, believe me I've tried, I'm thinking back to all the goddamn lies
I need a sign, to decide what to do, I can't keep up this back and forth with you,
No I don't need a goddamn call, so clear is the writing on the wall
Its too bad it dragged out so long

Way out, a way out
Track Name: Numb
I don't think I'll change my living, for quite some time I'll drink and wake up way too late
I hear the birds before the sun is out, but I'm still wide awake. This isn't the first time

I'm on the wrong page at the right time
I'm beside myself. I'm going blind
I'm getting stuck in what I love and it's getting scary cuz I'm not having fun, I'm just turning numb

Another Monday comes around. That never stopped me from going out
Last night started at about 4 or 5 pm
I never thought I'd ever make it to 21, but now it's here and I'm not done. I've only got a few more years

I hear the birds before the sun is coming up, but I'm still wide awake
This isn't the first time
They kicked us out so we hailed a cab, but didn't have a place in mind to go
I'm not going home, no I'm not going home
Track Name: Defeated
I'd rather not meet at your old place to talk things out, so you can clear your guilty conscious now
I'd rather take a drive, throw on some lifetime, and clear my goddamn mind
I'm much more defeated than I seem, I'm much beaten than I've been
I,m much more defeated than I seem

Opening drawers to find your old clothes, it sends a chill I've never known,
Those green eyes have been tainted, by booze, pills and sleep,
I'm falling out of reach

I'm much more defeated than I seem, I'm much beaten than I've been
I,m much more defeated than I seem

I'm much more defeated
Track Name: No Means
This whole time I've walked away with nothing left to say
I'm zoning out, I'm zoning out again, again
This whole time has gone away with no means left to stay
I'm moving out and moving on again, again

This happened once before, there's not an open door to walk on through
I don't know what I'm chasing, you left me here pacing back and forth

Now it's over and it's gone
I guess I knew that all along
I'm moving on
I'm moving out and moving on
I think about it everyday
It's not even the words you say
There came that day
So now I'm old and on my way